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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Assisted living is fairly a new system in the state of Ilinois. Licensure became available in 2002 and most people believe that any type of help for the elderly is Assisted Living. Not so. Licensed Assisted living is regulated by the state and it is amazing how long an individual can live a healthy, productive life in an enviornment that supports their needs. As long as they remain in a condition that allows them to transfer (IE: moving from the bed to the bathroom, dining room, etc.) and they are no harm to themselves or others.

Supportive living, on the other hand, is licensed through the Illinios Department of Human Services and supports individuals with very low income that can qualify for State Aid. It is basically the same thing as assisted living but financial requirements are different. An individual qualifying for supportive living may use all but $90.00 of their Social Security Income towards the cost of supportive living and IDHS will pick up the remainder of the monthly cost. The $90.00 is reserved for the individuals' personal needs.

If you or someone you know are experiencing health problems that endangers your well-being by staying alone Assisted Living is a beautiful, healthy, and loving place to be.

Assisted Living facilities will vary in size, location, management, and the most bang for your buck. One very important issue to consider is if an individual has long term care insurance the Assisted Living Facility must be licensed by the state for the insurance company to pay for the residency. Your unlicensed, small homes that portray Assisted Living truly are not.

Illinois State Law states that no facility may advertise as an Assisted Living unless they are Licensed. So keep in mind, when you are looking for the place that will meet your needs, one of your first questions to ask should be "Are you licensed with the state"?

Some of the requirements for licensure not only involves the physical plant (home) being approved by the state Fire Marshal and meeting state fire codes but also every individual hired must be cleared through a background check. Also, a licensed facility is surveyed annually by the Illinois Department of Public Health to insure that each facility is adhering to state law. This insures the safety for your loved ones.

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elderlover said...

I have recently had the opportunity to visit your beautiful facility. Should the need ever arise for me or my family to need Assisted Living care I would count it a privelege to be at your facility. The staff was so caring and the enviornmnet was so relaxing. Thank you for caring for the elderly in our community. It is obvious you have a passion for them.