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One of the oldest baby boomers born in 1946.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The transparent pitfalls

The process began to present the evidence of a building growing out of the ground and the reality of my dream unfolding was beginning to settle in on me.

Living with agitated neighbors who let their anger bubble over into their children who felt that being ornery to us would change anything that God had been planning for almost 20 years was a hard way of living for me.

I needed to focused on the positive and ignore the children and their little pranks of throwing their garbage into our yard, stealing whatever they could get their hands on and their parents coaxing the road commissioner into putting up no parking signs along the small road that made it hard on the carpenters since the lot was so muddy and wet. The same commissioner refused us access from the small road but luckily we were on a corner lot and faced a county highway also and within an hour they met me at the lot filled out the permit and gave us an access road. This was just a few things that we had to overlook and keep our heads up.

Who would ever thought that trying to serve the elderly would be such a problem?

God continues to win the battles!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

True intent of the heart

It matters little what we think we are doing because God has a purpose for each of us. We can be patient, understanding and submit to him or we can make our life hell on earth screaming all the way "I'm not going to do it." or we can take a positive attitude about his hand in our lives and not only have wonderful loving life serving him but serving others as well.

The zoning process was made difficult but God overcame. The next step was finding the perfect financial institution to back the project. In the beginning our own bank wanted the business so we were confident that the funding was there. The planning began.

The first meeting with the architect was almost a bust. After he called our home a nursing home for the fourth time I had to clear the air. "If you can't get the vision of a nursing home out of your head then we may as well call it a day." "If you can't wow me when I step into the front door of the building then I don't want it." From that moment on he was on a roll. The 18 foot ceiling in the sixty by sixty great room that included a huge double sided fireplace and north wall totally covered with large windows. Now he was getting the picture!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Seed of compassion and love

Over 20 years ago when the first seed of caring for the elderly entered into my mind it was strictly that.

I was busy helping my husband build his farming business and had two sons in college and another child to get through school and college.

The quiet coaxing of the need never left my mind. When I was parking the car at Wal-Mart or going to church or wherever I might be, the silver colored hair of the elderly always caught my attention. As time went on the elderly always seemed to out number all others in the eatinig establishments, grocery stores and churches. Still I had no means to do anything about the dream that seemed to be forming in my mind.

Years later a friend of mine dropped in to visit and my last child was a senior in high school and getting ready for college. As we visited over a cup of coffee he casually asked what I was going to do to stay busy when the kids were all out of the house? I had been so involved with my husbands farming operation that I hadn't thought about doing little else. I said I don't know.
"You know" he said. "I just got my real estate license and it's a great part-time job. If you would like something to do that you can set your own schedule." It was tempting since I was one of those baby boomers who always needed to keep moving no matter what. So here was the seed that sprouted unknowing to me.

I received my license and began as a sales person with a small private owned company that was very personable. I learned that I was not a part time person at anything. It was full speed ahead or nothing. Thus, my career kicked off quickly. By my 5th year and by the grace of God I was making more money than I could have ever thought about on a 9 to 5 job. Most of my money was poured into my husbands farming operation and farm payments. I needed very little for myself, after all God had given me a loving husband and three beautiful, healthy and obedient children.

After six years of selling real estate another business associate and friend encouraged me to study for by brokers license. I had already received the hours and my license to appraise real estate but I didn't like that part of the business so I got my hours and received my brokers license and opend my own office.

I listed and actually purchased a 12 acre parcel of land with a little ranch house on it from an individual who had their heart set on a home that was for sale by owner and I bought her place because she was so upset and thought that she would loose her dream home if hers did't sell soon. So now I had a rental property to keep up and leased out. Although I knew it would make a beautiful retirement home for us if we ever got that far along (years).

Little did I know that this parcel fit into God's plan for the elderly. We had owned the land seven years when we decided to get the land zoned for special use for an assisted living facility.

We were almost dumb struck to find out how narrow minded the neighbors were on our need to re-zone to be able to serve the elderly. It was plain to see that they had no feelings for anyone but their own selfish self-centered needs.

The zoning process was a challenge and,by the grace of God, He seen to it that the correct zoning was done. Watching this event unfold was and experience that those of you who have had divine intervention in your lives would only understand.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cost for Asssisted Living

The cost is considerably less for Assisted Living than you might imagine. It only takes a telephone call to find out. Compare the difference.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Assisted living is fairly a new system in the state of Ilinois. Licensure became available in 2002 and most people believe that any type of help for the elderly is Assisted Living. Not so. Licensed Assisted living is regulated by the state and it is amazing how long an individual can live a healthy, productive life in an enviornment that supports their needs. As long as they remain in a condition that allows them to transfer (IE: moving from the bed to the bathroom, dining room, etc.) and they are no harm to themselves or others.

Supportive living, on the other hand, is licensed through the Illinios Department of Human Services and supports individuals with very low income that can qualify for State Aid. It is basically the same thing as assisted living but financial requirements are different. An individual qualifying for supportive living may use all but $90.00 of their Social Security Income towards the cost of supportive living and IDHS will pick up the remainder of the monthly cost. The $90.00 is reserved for the individuals' personal needs.

If you or someone you know are experiencing health problems that endangers your well-being by staying alone Assisted Living is a beautiful, healthy, and loving place to be.

Assisted Living facilities will vary in size, location, management, and the most bang for your buck. One very important issue to consider is if an individual has long term care insurance the Assisted Living Facility must be licensed by the state for the insurance company to pay for the residency. Your unlicensed, small homes that portray Assisted Living truly are not.

Illinois State Law states that no facility may advertise as an Assisted Living unless they are Licensed. So keep in mind, when you are looking for the place that will meet your needs, one of your first questions to ask should be "Are you licensed with the state"?

Some of the requirements for licensure not only involves the physical plant (home) being approved by the state Fire Marshal and meeting state fire codes but also every individual hired must be cleared through a background check. Also, a licensed facility is surveyed annually by the Illinois Department of Public Health to insure that each facility is adhering to state law. This insures the safety for your loved ones.

I welcome your questions, comments and/or facts. Elder care is a passion of mine and our home page may be visited at