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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The transparent pitfalls

The process began to present the evidence of a building growing out of the ground and the reality of my dream unfolding was beginning to settle in on me.

Living with agitated neighbors who let their anger bubble over into their children who felt that being ornery to us would change anything that God had been planning for almost 20 years was a hard way of living for me.

I needed to focused on the positive and ignore the children and their little pranks of throwing their garbage into our yard, stealing whatever they could get their hands on and their parents coaxing the road commissioner into putting up no parking signs along the small road that made it hard on the carpenters since the lot was so muddy and wet. The same commissioner refused us access from the small road but luckily we were on a corner lot and faced a county highway also and within an hour they met me at the lot filled out the permit and gave us an access road. This was just a few things that we had to overlook and keep our heads up.

Who would ever thought that trying to serve the elderly would be such a problem?

God continues to win the battles!

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